I’m finding that it makes a huge difference to offer my daily practices and larger goals to benefit all beings.

It expands my field of awareness outside my self-centered concerns, and inspires me to elevate my commitment.

It lets me feel connected to an expanding tribe of people claiming their power as healers and conscious evolvers.

It gives me hope that there is a growing momentum of love and connection that will rise above the roar of fear and power currently dominating the airwaves.

When I bring my abundant plate of food to the table I wish and imagine that everyone on the planet has food in abundance.

When I get quiet and remember the blessing of a safe shelter that I so often take for granted, I offer an intention that everyone have safety and Peace.

There are countless others struggling with whatever is on my plate at any given time, so feeling connected to them gives my commitment to rise above it so much more power.

I offer these words and this open heart to you right now.

And I thank you from a most humble and grateful heart that you took the time to read and feel these words.

And I would ask that if a similar arousal stirred in you, place a hand on your heart and offer it out.

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