New Eyes

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

—Marcel Proust

Our amazing super power is the ability to choose the lens that filters our experience.

Any moment, just by remembering, we can massively shift our state, and the Presence we are emanating into the world around us.

Our current circumstances mirror the lens we have been filtering the world though up to now.

So when we look “out there” and don’t see what we want, we get frustrated, impatient, and deflated.

We come into resistance and judgement, which magnetizes our energetic field to more unwanted circumstances.

The finesse comes in the quality of our intention.

If it’s willful and has the charge of pushing against something unwanted, its power is nullified.

Pushing affirmations onto an unhappy situation is a disconnect; the brain won’t believe it, and we are left with more frustration and negative energy.

If our intention has willingness, openness, and love at its core, its power is amplified.

A simple reframe that allows for circumstances to shift is “there is another way to see this.”

Or “I am open to another way of being with this.”

Changing our eyes and opening our hearts give us the authority to reframe everything as proof of our evolution. I’ve been saying in my head “THIS is how it looks and feels on the path to my goal.”

Then I can relax and open to something to arise from a receptive inner listening; from the Great Mystery that is this crazy life

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