Miracle Minded

Feel the amazing power and spaciousness of this adjective.

Miracle-minded means we are open to miracles.

We are watching all around for the Mystery to reveal itself.

To show us compassion where anger and blame typically reside.

To open our eyes to the beauty and poignancy in every being.

To give us the opportunity to experience profound gratitude.

To recognize a core belief as a just a thought that isn’t true and doesn’t serve.

And decide how we want to feel instead.

And choose who we want to be.

Miracle-minded puts us in listening, and feeling.

And being available for non-ordinary experiences.

And opening wide to the infinite Power of willingness.

We can be the miracle to someone else’s day with a simple eye-connected smile.

A kind and true word.

A few of our precious minutes in true connection.

Miracles are everywhere that love opens the heart and honors the gift of life.

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