We see lots of new age thinkers preaching that we can manifest the life of our dreams by invoking the law of attraction — lathering up our desires with affirmations and visualizations that will supposedly magnetize those things to us.

And they looking to the world to validate and deliver their happiness.

And when the world doesn’t deliver the result, they are deflated and disappointed.

What is a game changer is to paint a rich, sensory experience of who we want to BE,

Not just when we have what we want, but even when life gets hard;

especially when life gets really really hard.

The way we think we will feel in the accomplishment of our dream life…

We can choose to feel now.

The thoughts that that Being thinks,

The actions taken from that identity

Are what creates the result.

And the result is not the circumstance or thing “out there”, but the elevated Presence

Of someone who takes responsibility for thoughts and emotions

And opens to the flow of life just as it shows up.

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