Loving what is when it Sucks

For 5 days I’ve had dizziness with joint pain and chills, and then this morning, the stomach got involved.

I notice my mind totally believing something is wrong, causing a constant flow of fear thoughts and projections. I’m finding it super hard to inquire through such physical struggle and the mental processes that attend it.

I believe that changing the thought stream of limiting beliefs will alleviate a large part of the suffering; which is the resistance.

So I’m framing how I want to feel in positive words: calm, balanced, trusting.

Feeling into see if there’s a nice congruent charge that uplifts.


This is exactly what’s supposed to be happening…because it’s what’s happening.

So I’m willing to open to whatever wants to let go, draw in, be revealed.

Nothing has gone wrong.

This is just one experience in the human game that is expressing through me right now.

The doctor suggested an inner ear virus.

So I’m feeling in to communicate with them.

Asking what they are offering me.

Immediately I get that they are giving me a chance to practice what I’ve been preaching during a particularly challenging circumstance.

So when the sensations lead to those fear thoughts, I now have a mantra of Calm, Balanced, Trusting which will shift the mind from problem to opportunity.

Looks like I get to practice quite a bit.

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