Love is the Doer

Enlightened teachings say that there is no doer; that the “I” we believe in is actually just a thought; that there is only Consciousness and we are in Truth, Awareness, open and unconditionally Being.

I’ve been stewing in this for eons, trying to feel it, and getting hung up in all the wantings and not-wantings of this I-ness.

Yesterday the thought came that Love is the doer.

I took a challenging yoga class and I kept the mantra that love is the doer.

The practice flowed through all the poses with much more ease and space.

I had a day planned for just art and was asked to help someone instead. I noticed all the contraction of not getting my way and when I allowed that Love is the doer, Love is asking me to show up and help someone, the whole experience changed to a spacisous flow.

I hit a 5 mile backup on 495. Love is the doer asking me to be here with all these other drivers in spacious love.

I got home and spent the next 5 hours working on art.

8 different explorations of the same image. None were working.

Love is the doer.

I would get frustrated and then let Love try again.

And again.



I just let love open me up to failing and let it mean that I’m that dedicated that I will keep showing up.

Instead of meaning that I suck and should just give up which it has meant in the past.

Yup. Love is the doer.

Love loves what is happening right now, even when the I says it sucks.

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