Little Victories

It’s the little daily victories that actually create the core transformation to a fully intentional life.

Keeping promises we make to ourselves builds the integrity that creates a deep abiding trust that we know we will do what we say we’re going to do.

And that is such empowerment.

And our habitual daily tasks that we go unconscious doing are opportunities to be intentional.

Brushing teeth is the perfect time to intend that words spoken today will be loving, truthful and kind.

Showering is a great opportunity to tune into the cleansing power of water with gratitude and appreciation that we actual have water to shower with.

Driving is such a wonderful practice of connecting to the others on the road sharing the same experience. Offering peace and good will gives an energetic lift to the giver and receiver.

All the little victories and triumphs of intention build a momentum that inspires even more clarity, trust, and empowerment.

On the road to intentional living, it’s easy to list all the ways that we failed. Especially when our lens is habituated to self-judgment.

We have the power to frame the failures as learning opportunities: Oh well, I ate that whole bag of chips today and now I’m feeling bad. I’m giving myself these minutes to change the lens. The eating of the chips is done and over. The feelings of guilt and shame are here now. This is what I have to work with. I know I can change how I feel by breathing my inner body brighter, grounding my feet to the earth and expanding my awareness to all of Life right now. I choose to be an expression of forgiveness and peace. I’m claiming my power by elevating my Presence and aligning with Love. I ask Love to carry me to a higher, more expanded Being that connects me to all those who are right now, in the presence of the same intention.

May all beings have peace.

May all beings have abundance and connection.

May all beings be free.

A little victory from a feeling of defeat stacks on the next and the next until we find our trust and reliability set point elevated and stable.

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