I’ve been listening to the habit noise in my head and believing the mosquitos that want to suck inspiration dry.

So easy to fall back into “this won’t work,” you’ve tried a thousand times before,” “what do you have to offer”

Taking those words to mean it’s time to get real and just be happy with what you’ve got; it’s an awesome life; people would kill for what you have; this is an impossible dream so forget about it.


I can take those thoughts to mean this is what it feels like when I throw my old beliefs into the fire of transformation — ashes rising up and getting in my eyes, nose, mouth.

I can put my hand on my belly and listen deeper into the stirring of the Creator that inspired the intention in the first place.

That voice is quieter, deeper in the mystery of the unknown, and demands a letting go of the attachment to believing the old order, where I’m used to living from.

It is a constant daily, hourly, minutely (?) practice and reset of posture, breath, attention.

Do I want to believe the old thoughts and give up or listen to the creator that is deep in my belly, longing to crack open those calcified layers of old beliefs.

What’s possible when you don’t belief those thoughts that keep you in your habits of playing small?

Are you living this moment 100% alive and interested and playful?

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