Like Your Reasons

My coach Brooke Castillo always says make sure you like your reasons for doing/not doing.

I noticed that I wasn’t enjoying a recent pastel painting so I took a pause and realized I was trying to “get” a piece of art instead of playing, learning, opening to the creative process. That recognition let me reframe my reason for doing it — to be present and honor what is showing up with my full attention.

I noticed I was rushing through a recent yoga practice and again took that magical pause and was able to shift my reason to simply honoring the moment through movement, listening and deep attention.

It keeps coming up that I should give up sugar for various reasons, and all those reasons land in my head which immediately kicks up the dust of argument.

What if the desired result is self-trust and integrity THROUGH conscious eating rather than “giving up sugar.”

Doesn’t it feel like we plow through life on automatic without taking those game-changing pauses to get off the hamster wheel and reassess.

Is what you’re doing congruent with your highest Being?

If it’s not, change what you’re doing,

Or change the reason you’re doing it to align with how you want to feel at the core of your unhurried, authentic listening to your heart.

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