Lessons from a toddler

I spent the last 4 days with a toddler.

Entrained to her rhythms,

Watching her watching the world.

The way she studies how others move and play,

And then tries it out for herself.

The way she refuses to put her tongue on a piece of French toast with complete conviction she will hate it.

The total immersion in throwing a rock in the water again and again.

Never bored.

Fascinated with the sounds and sights and sensations.

Fully present in her body.

Following the call of life to the next curiosity.

Always smiling.

The most exquisite expression of pure Being.

Unencumbered by shoulds, comparisons, wishes, and ambitions.

Living right in the moment without the fog of limiting beliefs and expectations.

(except for the French toast…and most other foods)

For her there’s no differentiation of play and work; it’s all This.

In the afterglow of her presence, I’m noticing a quieter mind.

The fog of my own habituated head cleared a bit.

As I start this day back in the all the responsibilities, tasks, and habits of my adult life, I’m taking a bit of that fragrance of innocence and delight with me.

Is it possible to play with ambitions and goals with the innocent play of a toddler?

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