Do you absolutely 100% do what you promise yourself?

Have you noticed that when you make a resolution there is a feeling of inspiration and energy?

That’s dopamine and it feels so good.

It’s the flush of inspiration and elevation when we can feel the possibility of upleveling and accomplishment.

Soon enough a deeply wired habit structure offers us so many reasons why we don’t have to follow through on our promise and we succumb to the old order.

We wake up and resolve to eat mindfully this day and it feels great to feel how empowered we will be when we manage our eating habits.

Then comes 2:00 and the dopamine of cookie wanting whispers, then shouts until the urge becomes overwhelming and we find ourselves in the kitchen stuffing down cookies.

Which floods us with guilt and shame and disappointment.

The brain doesn’t want us to suffer so it offers that another cookie will make us feel better….

We feel out of control.

We broke our promise; we can’t trust ourselves to follow through.

We erode our self-trust to a point of disempowerment., resignation, and self-judgement.

The good news is that we can use this insight to rebuild integrity.

But when we declare “I’m committing to building self-trust,” and let the body feel the clean elevated power of that, it creates a dopamine hit and a call from deep inside to honor the longing that is more authentic than the siren song of sugar.

And each tiny decision to follow through, builds a stronger and stronger trust until we feel clean, clear, and empowered.

Right now, give yourself an intention immersion into the deepest self-trust. Reach in and feel what’s possible when you completely trust yourself to keep your word?

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