Inspired Action

I was just coached into deciding ahead of time, and even retroactively, that all actions I take are inspired.


It blew my hair back so much I invite you to sit with that for a pause and see what shows up.

All your actions have been inspired…

You did your best based on where you were at and you’ve been on a path of inspired calling….

How does that feel?

Even the challenges, “failures,” and disappointments?

Inspired by a higher Knowing that asks you to RIGHT NOW rise up and claim your power.

All the old thoughts of shame, regret, guilt?

An invitation to wash the mind clean and soar out of the ashes of limitation.

And now, today?

What if you take the insight, the intention that all your actions are inspired and feel the space that creates.

The space for miracles of mindfulness, loving decisions, and new beliefs to lift you up to your highest Presence?

How does that feel?

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