Inner Queen

I’m being coached to prioritize confidence first and foremost. And then inspired action will emerge from calm, trusting presence.

This confidence this is so elusive.

My whole life I’ve been singing the lament of not good enough so it’s in my cells, by breath and bones.

I asked inside what is confidence and how to create it when the anxiety is flooding my system.

And then I remembered my Inner Queen.

First invoked by Kate Chadborn during a Bardic Academy coaching session.

And then showing up consistently in shamanic journeys.

A Presence of Sovereignty — an ancestor maybe — a part of me that feels an ancient, Source-connected, Knowing.

Who walks the Medicine Path of healing and reconciliation.

Who sings ancient songs of gratitude to the elements.

Who dances with grounded feet and a light, open heart, wild and unconcerned about social constraints.

Get really still and travel your breath down through your heart into your belly and listen.

Listen earlier than your strategies and stories.

Feel the inner landscape expand back through space and time to your True Power.

Let your inner vision scan the horizon around your center.

Call your Sovereign, your Medicine Woman, your Wise One in.

Can you see?

In the distance, a form approaches.

Open your heart and watch her as she sees you and comes forward to greet you.

Let her fill you with her wisdom and guidance.

Talk with her; dance with her.

Invite her to guide you as you enter the flow of your day and watch how she whispers and tickles you in little shifts and awarenessess, overheard words, and unexpected winks from hawks or flowers or breezes — from magic.

I would LOVE to hear what showed up for you!!!

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