Do you notice all the sweet ways people are hacking this situation?

We are meant to connect and create and evolve.

We are wired to learn and grow and explore our power as creators.

This is an event horizon.

Here’s where we choose to withdraw in fear and confusion,

Or open to the unknown — curious and willing.

And ask what’s possible when we rise up to our innate creativity.

We humans are so resilient, so strong, and so infinitely powerful.

When we open, claim our power, and offer ourselves to serve Love’s expressions.

Notice right now if your presence is an open YES, or a NO, not this.

Feel how much energy resistance is costing, and let go.

Just for a couple of breaths, feel the exhilaration of putting it all down and breathing your heart open to a big YES — I’m willing to slough off the weight of resistance and breathe my heart open and willing.

Knowing we can handle all the emotions frees up our creative energy to rise up and participate in what is being asked of us right now.

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