All the dynamics living this moment with us are astonishing to contemplate.

We have our genetic lineage and all the values and behaviors that have been passed down through our ancestry.

And the cultural conditioning that shapes our perceptions and desires.

The food we eat is sourced from all over the planet, so our physical bodies are fed by the sun, soil, rain and insect nations across the globe. And it was planned, planted, harvested, and transported by countless others living through the stories of their languages and lives.

As we move though our day we weave in and through various fields of others’ emotions and electromagnetic emanations.

The living earth and all her inhabitants in our immediate field have their own energetic expressions and the constantly spinning Earth, changing light, moving atmosphere are part of our experience, no matter how little we perceive it.

To pause long enough to feel, really feel, the living moment that we are woven into, can open us to a more spacious and grateful state.

And we can consciously participate in each moment of living the mystery that we share with all.

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