Master coach Brooke Castillo frequently calls people out for indulging in overwhelm, confusion, not-knowing.

It’s one of the brain’s strategies for deflecting the attention away from deeper belief at the locus of our suffering.

When we get caught up in the thought of being overwhelmed, confused, indecisive, our attention is pulled into unsolvable drama and we can’t think our way out.

When we take a pause to let the drama dissipate, we can give space to feel the physical sensations of stress, disconnection, urgency and breathe the nervous system to willingness to simply witness the energies.

We let the brain see and feel that we are actually safe right here, right now; that all that has happened is a series of thoughts.

Then we can choose to take responsibility, claim our emotional maturity, and look at what it is that we are avoiding by indulging in confusion/overwhelm/indecisiveness.

It’s hard.

The brain wants to indulge, to justify its distress, to feel victimized and powerless to make the challenging shift to responsibility.

Look for yourself.

Next time you notice thoughts of overwhelm, confusion, indecisiveness — simply refuse to indulge, and take responsibility for your state.

Notice that you have the power to make the shift even when the brain whines and throws a tantrum.

Feel the triumph of claiming your power and remember to reward yourself with a pause to praise so the brain will seek out more shifts to emotional adulthood.

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