Humbling Gratitude


So simple and natural, barely considered until it’s unattainable.

After 10 delicious hours of it, I am humbled in profound gratitude.

People who suffer an illness or loss of capacity always tell us to be so grateful for what we have, and we say yes, and take a pause to give it a stroke.

But when we consider what miracles we are — the coming-together of so many factors, functions, and dynamics to create even our smallest movement — it is awe inspiring.

Right now this body is recreating itself cell by cell.

Sweeping away the old, spent material and taking food and breath to remake itself.

We are home to trillions of flora and fauna, all living their own discrete lives vitally interconnected to all that keeps us thriving.

What an astonishing and humbling gift to recognize the simplest of human functions and honor the unfathomable Consciousness that animates the miracle we are.

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