How do you WANT to feel?

Notice what happens when you take that question in.

Our thoughts start to spin and churn and we get caught up believing situations need to align so we can feel how we want to feel.

We totally believe our feelings come because of what’s going on “out there.”

That our feelings are the effect of circumstances.

But taking an authentic pause to ask the heart how it wants to feel creates a space where something softens and opens.

The head will tell you one thing; the heart will likely tell you something deeper, closer to the Big Truth.



Deeper still.

When the listening filters through concepts and ideas to the living miracle of this being in this moment, there comes a recognition that all we ever wanted and seek for and long after is right here, right now, in the spacious allowing.

Stripped of concepts to the naked open heart, spacious Awareness reveals the gift of release and freedom; the true unconditioned Love that forever flows in the depths of pure Being.

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