How can I make myself believe?

I want to believe 100% that I can achieve my Big Dream (put yours here).

All through the day I notice these little contractions of resistance, negativity, judgements, that seem to prove I can’t expand beyond my habits of limitation.

Big and little thought-habits and perceptual filters that I pick at and try to turn around by throwing “happy” thoughts on top.

Doesn’t work.

Just now I’m noticing that my question has been How can I make myself believe?

Just feeling that question right now lands as stress and contraction in my body.

So my question is faulty.

I’m feeling in to my heart and asking for a reframe.

What I’m getting is to give a big enough space to Presence that the contractions of thought habits have nothing to bump up against.

Like opening the slider door so a bug can fly out.

In the context of the whole of Nature, that bug is not a problem.

So even the question itself is a bug flying against the glass.

I can’t make myself believe.

I can open the slider and feel the infinite spaciousness of Life and Beauty and Creation.

And in the presence of Creation, my Big Dream becomes an affirmation of creativity, beauty and love.

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