Have to

The inner narrative is so embedded and embodied that it’s running the show and we aren’t even aware of how we are being dominated by words that create stress.

How many times “have to’s” do you think in a day?

“I have to do this.” [or “should do”]

How do they make you feel?

Tease the next one up to awareness and see if changing those 2 words changes how you feel.

“I get to _________.”

“I’m being invited to __________.” [because Source has offered me this opportunity?]

“I choose to __________.” [so that I can feel the sense of accomplishment?]

“I’m deciding to ___________ [because it reinforces my integrity?]

“I’m agreeing to ___________ [so I can practice open-hearted participation?]

Design your own words to reframe your “have to’s” and “shoulds” and watch how your day changes.

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