Guilt and Shame

We rarely unpack guilt and shame to release the power gem that is deep inside the emotion.

We feel the familiar edge of discomfort and get stuck.

Hypnotized by the whirlpool of memories, imagined re-dos, and the physiological constellation of heat and contraction that we have repeated and fed with our attention and energy.

Take a look;

Do you see there’s a belief that somehow beating yourself up will make you better?

Can you feel the payoff?

Do you notice that you’re trying to hate yourself thin, or pummel yourself more motivated, shame yourself into being more or less of whatever your story is?

How well is that working?

Would you treat a beloved that way?

Here’s a tool to change the game:

Open the door and invite it all the way in instead of arguing with it at the doorway.

Feel your breath, the living space all around you.

And the power gift that Guilt/shame is hiding under its cloak.

Be with the raw experience of all the sensations on a physiological level.

Ask for more so you can get the full serving.

We are so conditioned to avoid the emotions that are uncomfortable, so we throw all kinds of strategies and energies to try and push them away, stuff them down, deny their presence.

Yes, thank you disarms them.

Please tell me more softens them.

When we notice we are actually not suffering when we become curious and allowing, we have empowered ourselves to see how spacious we truly are.

We have reclaimed the energy we spend in fighting uncomfortable emotions, and have reinforced self-trust, integrity, and compassion.

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