Give me More

Lots of struggles with unwanted thoughts.

Layered with a various angry should’ves and shouldn’t-haves.

Attention hijacked by swarms of stinging accusations and stories.

Thought will not solve me out of this.


To a nice spacious cleansing breath pattern.

Feet in conversation with Earth.

The ability to soften the eyes.

Recognition that attention is Power.

All this energy generated by an unruly mind is energy I can shift.

Instead of resisting the storm, BRING IT.

Give me more.

I’ll take it and show myself I can elevate this game.

One tiny behavior shift — pick up that shirt hanging on the bedpost.

Do one tiny thing that shows I have the power to change the trajectory of the day.

And then one more.

All the while, saying YES, thank you.

I’m willing.

I’ll take it.

And may all being be blessed as this tiny shift to willingness, vulnerability, and Truth.

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