Getting Out of the Way

I never get tired of teaching yoga. After almost 20 years, each class is fresh and amazing when I get out of the way and let the words come. Being immersed in the presence of the room with all these people diving deep inside themselves to feel and grow and explore — is magic.

And often the words will invite people to experience being moved, rather than doing the movement — exploring what it feels like to let the poses do them.

Art is the same. When I get out of the way and let something reveal itself through shape and color, I can watch the process with wonder and appreciation. I’m not doing the drawing — something wants to be expressed in the moment and I let it flow.

In the routines of daily life, we can lose sight of the opportunity to get out of the way and let magic be expressed through us by pausing to ask a question that shifts perception to wonder and curiosity.

I live on a beautiful lake and work from home on my computer all day.

A few years ago on a gorgeous spring day after a long winter, I could hear boats go by with laughing people on them. I was deep in FOMO, resentment, and self-pity, but I had to work so I had enough presence of mind to take a pause and ask how to reframe my situation. The question came: How can I fall in love with THIS.

I kept repeating it like a mantra until I felt a shift and then it built on itself until I was fully engaged and enjoying what I was doing.

The world needs more love, right?

So no matter what we’re doing, how boring, or distasteful, we can shift to a loving presence that willingly serves the loving presence that is the healing that will change the world; one person’s world at a time.

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