Get Uncomfortable

Every time I hear my coach say she is 100% confident because she is willing to be 100% uncomfortable, I get uncomfortable. She says the reason she is so successful is because she has gotten way more uncomfortable way more times than the rest of us.

Every day I write a list of what I will do today; some actions, but mostly about pausing to remember to be grateful, or find humor….that kind of thing.

Now it’s time to add something that is uncomfortable; something that will push my envelope of safety and limitation.

An extraordinarily powerful inquiry is “what are you unwilling to feel?”

I do not want to feel unwanted, rejected, stupid, embarrassed — those are the list-toppers.

So today I will practice opening to rejection so I my brain will notice that I didn’t die and in fact, something expanded my range of expression and willingness.

So I will ask you: Will you contact me to ask about coaching?

And I will ask you what’s possible when you do one uncomfortable thing today — say one scary-honest thought to someone; pause to look deeply into the eyes of someone you haven’t really seen; ask for help with something super vulnerable — whatever you are unwilling to feel…what opens up when you become willing?

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