Fun Comes to Town

How can you make THIS fun?


I was getting all twisted up in working my intention and the thought of not having enough time to do what I want/need to do to “make it happen.”

Not fun.

And in the not-funness, I was dishonoring the gift of the present moment that was right there.

Where the Creator is.

Now. Here.

Not there in the future when I have what my mind wants.

Feel it for yourself.

Breathe a nice cleansing breath and ask your heart “how can I make this fun?”

Fun with anxiety???

Fun with rejection???

Loneliness, isolation???

Feel the lightening of the heart in just asking the question.

It opens a pause for the heart to feel.

The atmosphere dancing across the trees right here, right now.

The light playing across the surfaces of embodiment.

The dance of life and death; screams of terror and exhalation are all happening; every imaginable thought, emotion, experience is being lived on this little blue spinning rock as the Creator has fun watching its creations explore the adventure of Creation.

How can you make THIS fun?

It’s not even about the answer, but the space the question creates.

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