Following the Charge

I’m learning to follow the charge of discomfort/anxiety to excavate the belief that is driving the physiological arousal.

Usually it’s some form of scarcity thinking: not enough time; not enough money, not enough training, talent, knowledge, whatever.

When I locate the inflamed belief, the usual tactic of trying to think my way out or around it don’t gain much traction.

The brain will pull up all kinds of evidence and arguments to support its belief in lack and limitation.

So I ask my body what would it feel like to have enough _________.

And let the body shift into a new postural antenna aligned with sufficiency and abundance.

And/or I open to the universe, creator, source, shakti…whatever feels most aligned in that moment.

It relieves the stress when I remember this life is only a thread in the tapestry being woven by creation.

I’m not in charge, and what is here right now before me to do is what creation is offering me to play with and through.

And it matters less what I do and more who I’m being in the doing of it.

Am I being a loving, willing presence in the flow of this living moment?

Or an obstruction to the flow?

So I follow the charge of discomfort to unbury the treasure of choice.

Where will I spend my precious attention — to what is wrong, limited, unwanted; or to this precious moment and the love that is being offered.

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