Floating on the River Trust

In the coaching model used by my coach Brooke Castillo, all our results come from our actions.

Of course.

Our actions come from our FEELINGS. We do what we do because of how we THINK it will make us feel. (take a pause to feel the truth in that!)

Our feelings come from our THOUGHTS — take another pause and drink that one in!

Our life is a demonstration of our habits of thinking and feeling.

So if I am clear on the result I want — I want to be an abundant artist, writer, and coach — I ask myself how does that artist/writer/coach version of me think, feel, and act.

She is confident, relaxed, slowed down to the speed of presence, trust, and gratitude.

Her confidence comes from believing in the value her creations add to the world, so her thoughts are trusting, open, and willing to experience all the ups and downs on the road to success.

So rejection, disappointment, faltering, failure, are all recognized as opportunities to practice trust and confidence no matter what.

Then success is the immediate shift in feeling and thought, which shifts the trajectory of actions toward the results I want to see in my life.

Looking “out there” in the world for evidence of success creates thoughts and feelings of doubt and judgement, which deliver the results of lack and limitation.

The power thought I’m taking into this day: I am committed to being a demonstration of confidence and trust.

SHAZAM! I have the result as soon as I feel the power of that declaration.

What is the result you want in your creative life?

How does the one who already lives that result think, feel and act?

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