Floating Downriver

I look at other artists’ works and notice that old habit of “why am I doing this? THAT is what art feels like. I suck.”

And then WAIT! That’s just an old habit of thought.

What would it feel like if you soaked in the beauty of their art and let it open you up instead of shut you down.

What if you trust that the Something that inspired their art is for and from them only.

Your Something expresses uniquely through you.


Relax and let the river that is floating us all Home carry you.

Enjoy the ride.

Notice those old dead-skin thoughts and the contraction that they create.

Choose to be spacious and porous so they flow through.

And then let your body open to the joy of the Something that wants, NEEDS to express through you.

Let it be an offering on the altar of love.

May all beings remember their true Power as Creators.

Let us all celebrate our Somethings and guide each other Home.

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