We are born with wings — dreams and desires that call us out of the safety of our comfortable nest of habits.

We strengthen our wings by testing them — leaping and hovering and experimenting — until at last we trust ourselves to launch into the open sky.

No one can do it for us and we can’t take flight for someone else.

We know there are dangers and discomforts; storms and seasons that will test us and disappoint us.

And sometimes send us crashing to the ground.

And yet when we remember that our dreams and desires are Creation calling us to express its beauty, its glory, its unfathomable Love, we feel inspired and courageous enough to take the leap into the unknown.

Can you feel it?

Your heart knows.

You are an incredible creation, born to create from your unique vantage point in the universe.

Your path to this point is exactly as it should have been to get you Here.

You could right this moment make a physical gesture of willingness.

Place your hand on your heart.

Say yes.

I’m listening.

I’m willing to spread my wings and show Life I came to fly.

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