Feeding the Beast

Our habituated thoughts have an energetic presence almost as if they were living entities themselves.

They feed off our emotions.

Have you noticed?

The brain is designed to sort and categorize, putting similar things together so it doesn’t waste energy trying to figure out how to react.

Any dramatic emotional wound leaves a mark — a danger signal to the brain that it feels must be protect.

Then the brain looks for similar circumstances to avoid or fight

Traumatized by a dog — avoid all dogs.

Shamed by a comment about expressing your creativity — never sing, draw, dance… whatever — again.

Feel what it is for you.

And each instance of arousal/avoidance/fight feeds the constellation of unskillful responses.

Nothing has gone wrong; the brain wants to keep us safe.

It scans for all things it has labeled as threat and has that familiar response all set to be triggered.

The massive emotional contraction NOT THIS is fuel that strengthens the avoidance response and feeds the belief in the danger.

So we get triggered, feel afraid/enraged, and then contract even more because we don’t want to feel that.

Which feeds it.

So to peel it away, we need to recognize we have been triggered and then offer willingness to feel the emotions.

The brain thinks we’re going to die if we feel this much.

All the claxons and flashing lights of DANGER>RUN AWAY are on full alert.


And all the power packed away in that emotion is fuel for transformation.

Open to the feelings.

In yoga, it’s a process of devouring samskaras — the habit structures that dictate our automatic unskillful reactions.

Someone cuts me off in traffic and then slows down.

I get outraged, hugely indignant.

OH! Thank you!

You are giving me an opportunity to get spacious, breathe and feel all that energy.

And OMG THANK YOU; I feel sooo much more alive, open, and available to a higher intention.

I want to be loving, spacious, and fully alive with the whole orchestra of human being.

So instead of feeding the beast, I devoured and digested it and let it lift me to a higher perspective.

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