Fear thoughts

Every morning during my invocation to the 4 directions, I asked to be cleansed of fear thoughts.

Anxiety runs high and mighty in this bodymind system.

Catastrophizing, awfulizing, and images of destruction and doom are regular visitors in this brain.

This morning it came that I’m infinitely bigger than the fear thoughts.

So there’s plenty of room here for all of it.

It’s all about where I put my attention — the seemingly endless supply of scenarios this brain is offering,

Or the infinite spaciousness of pure Awareness.

At any moment I can lift up my inner eye and behold miracles and wonder as Creation offers her ever-shifting aurora of experiences.

I don’t need to get rid of the fear; just recognize the limitless expanse that surrounds it.

And choose to live fully expanded into the invitation to co-create a more spacious life.

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