Are you willing to fail—to learn?

To brave the waves of exposure, embarrassment, disappointment, in order to practice commitment, resilience, perseverance?

Is your dream big enough to inspire you through all the feelings?

The brain HATES discomfort.

Growth demands it.

The brain says NO …give me some sugar, some tv, some alcohol.

Anything to make me feel safe and comfortable.

The hero’s journey to a life of intention, integrity, and creativity is filled with so many feelings that freak the brain out.

Saying yes to what calls your heart is also a yes to failure as an essential tool to practice willingness to show up.

I’m about to hang some art pieces along with their posts in at On the Mat in Concord.

My brain is judging them, rejecting them, telling me this is too exposed and no one will like them.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to practice honoring the call that created the words and art, and trust that the love that created them wants to be shared.

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