We all have these unexamined claims of identity.

I suck at names.

I’m not good at _____________.

I’m anxious.


…any number of words that follow “I am.”

These claims on identity act as filters for the brain which loves to find patterns and evidence to validate its conclusions.

So we are shown countless examples (memories and thoughts) that confirm our beliefs.

And we project those filters onto other people with our globalized labels: she’s a narcissist; he’s so negative.

These conclusions about ourselves and others satisfy the brain’s need to sort people, things, and situations into categories that help it know how to act, but they don’t serve Love.

Love is spacious, allowing, calm, and trusting.

When we take a conscious pause to open our hearts to Love, to vulnerability, to connection, we change the filter completely.

And then Love offers its evidence.

Showing us the true longing at the core of every person:

See me.

Feel me.

Give me just a few true moments of authentic connection.

Stripped of the contracting words and labels.

And we will see our hearts are One.

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