We live in a dynamic scintillating field of countless energies, seen and unseen.

The light, the atmosphere, the gravitational field.

The way the landscape contains and reflects various energies.

Have you noticed how different one place feels from another?

How you feel in the presence of this person and that one?

How one person fills the room, and another is almost invisible?

We haven’t been taught to pay attention to those subtlest of factors, but that doesn’t change how they influence us.

We are antennas, broadcasting and receiving, constantly influencing and being influenced, to varying degrees.

Notice how right now you can expand your field of awareness and feel this living moment.

Think of what’s possible when you become intentional about what you are broadcasting?

What will you choose to model today?

What would it feel like to rise up and decide to demonstrate your radiance, your most creative and empowered presence, your true nature?

But how can I do that when I have to work, to live through a day that feels more like obligation, responsibility, constraint?

There’s the rub!

Choosing to demonstrate miracle-mindedness in the most mundane, habituated circumstances changes the field around us.

It calls the energies to shift and open a path, creating a matrix leading to that beautiful abundant life that a grateful, open heart magnetizes.

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