Drawing on Faith

Today I started with the drawing.

I needed Faith and when I asked faith in What…I saw that I was trying to generate faith in an outcome rather than an internal state — once again (argh!)

So when I re-membered that when I bring the intention to my state rather than my circumstances, I can have the result right now.

And it’s cleaner and sweeter.

So I asked what color paper Faith wanted.

I chose that color and asked what color faith wanted to start expressing with and so the drawing revealed herself.

And the metaphors were arising…

Sometimes faith is jagged and feels disconnected.

Sometimes it rises and falls.

Swoops and twists.

Dances in the mud of all the human detritus that is filtering down to become compost.

I noticed a sense of rushing… I have to leave in a few minutes.

Nope I will not dishonor her.

I will give her all the time she needs until she is done.

I let my fingers sculpt the pastel with such a lovely curiosity and wonderment that Grace flows to open hearts who will stop the human clock and dive in.

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