Don't wanna revisited

I got several responses about agreeing to do something when it feels inspired and fresh and then not wanting to do it when it’s actually time to do it.

I reached in deeper this morning to ask the part that doesn’t want to, what does it want/need.

I came that it wants quiet, peace, stillness and safety.

It said that this life is so loud and rushed and urgent and overwhelming, that the well goes dry and I’m not being nourished by the quiet connection to Nature.

I listened in deeper and I could feel the song of the morning as sunlight stirs the natural world to meet the day.

I could sense, even in this deep cold, that the Earth, the lake, the forest, the sky, are alive, conscious, and communicating with a language that our culture has stopping listening for.

But in deep quiet and willingness and slowing WAY down, I can feel the web of life dancing in my bones and breath.

This same breath has been all over the planet for countless millennia, received and released by all manner of soil, plants, insects, animals.

The part that wants to be nourished and connected and relieved of the burdens of external obligations, now recognizes my willingness to shift the lens of attention.

And feel into the richness of this soft, ephermal body sharing this ocean of Life with countless beings embodied and incorporeal.

Are you willing to pause and feel into that part of you that needs the deepest nourishment from your own inner well of remembrance?

What do you feel when you honor that?

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