Don't feel like it

I have a couple of things on my calendar today that I totally wanted to do when I scheduled them, and now I don’t wanna.

My brain wants to stay safe and cozy in the cave of old habits instead of reaching beyond my comfort zone and being challenged.

This is the practice of upleveling.

Inspiration saw a chance to expand and explore new paths. The brain liked that boost of dopamine in the moment of imagining how awesome it would be to achieve these new goals.

Now when it comes to getting up off my ass and doing the things, my brain is offering up all the reasons why we shouldn’t do them.

And then there’s churn and confusion.

And thoughts want to argue with thoughts.

Reason why and why not and they net out…until… the big reason becomes “because I said I would,” and self-trust is a reason that has no down side.

It raises me up, hits the dopamine that the brain loves so much, and is congruent with miracle-mindedness.

Do you ghost out on yourself?

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