Does it Feel Like LOVE?

Brooke Castillo’s podcast this week about losing weight struck me deeply when she talked about years of trying to hate herself thin. Getting on the scale and whipping herself with hate and hateful resolve, and all the deprivation of dieting coming from a belief that self-hatred would be the motivation to create the weight loss.

Then one day she just declared that if it doesn’t feel like love, she absolutely won’t do it.

So her weight loss journey was a process of creating commitments and goals that all felt like love.

And her food cravings stopped.

And the weight naturally came off.

And isn’t that true for any goal?

Does it feel like love, like a blessing and an inspiration that uplifts?

Or is it hard and bullying and judgmental?

Even in this quiet predawn moment, when I feel forward to this busy day, I notice some resistance to things I would prefer not to do.

I’m putting my hand on my heart and dropping Awareness down to feel out in every direction from my heart.

I can feel that it is ALL love — either the expression and recognition of it; or the invitation to shift attention to what is already ALWAYS loving.

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