Discouragement and Reconnecting

I’m noticing some discouragement and feeling not good enough to make the growth step I intended toward metalinda’s metalife.

I asked to feel a connection to Source, and did a drawing from that intention and noticed the shitstorm of judgements and rejections.

I bagged that drawing as not good enough and started another one.

Again with the shitstorm.

So my habit lens of self-judgement and sabotage is coming up for clearing.

I’m noticing a sense of being rushed so I’m slowing down and breathing fuller and deeper.

I straighten my spine to create a better antenna for the clearest connection.

I lift and offer my heart for realignment and soften the tension in my face.

I ask for guidance: Please cleanse me of all the occlusions to the recognition of divine Presence.


I recognize the habit of discouragement and disappointment.

I open to feeling the constellation of energies that form this physical and emotional habit of withdrawal and contraction.

I invite it to have its fullest expression that it may be recognized, honored and invited to speak its truth…

What do you want for me?

It wants me to retreat to safety, not risk failure and rejection.

Not to be unwanted.

…breathing and feeling…

I ask it to feel with me the longing to express, to explore full creative power, to connect and be seen; to offer the fullness of Being to serve the awakening of Love in all hearts.

I ask if it is willing to find courage, to feel the Divine calling us all to rise up into our fullest creative power, to take flight with our hearts and soar together high above the messages of fear and power struggle.

It says yes, but it still hates the drawing.

I say ok. Let’s show it anyway. It’s real and raw and came from true asking.

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