As a coach, I see how people light up when they reconnect with their dreams.

We came to this life to create; to connect to the deepest longing in our hearts, and offer our creations to the world.

When we remember this, something deep and true inside us comes alive.

That first blush of inspiration and possibility is intoxicating.

Then the new wears off and the habits of thinking, feeling, and acting show up again.

No blame.


The neurochemical set-point, and the hard wiring of habits in the neural pathways have reasserted their dominance.

This is where awareness and discipline begin the rewiring of a new Presence.

Discipline and practice are what changes our set-point.

And every contraction of the heart is a tap on our shoulder to recalibrate; to practice who we want to be, how we choose to feel.

Does THIS feel like love?

Is THIS who I want to be?

How can I make this fun?

Is there room for a miracle here?

What’s possible when I release all resistance and argument to THIS?

In the infinite spaciousness of my True Being, I am willing to feel all the feelings.

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