Devouring Samskaras

This morning’s swarm of zombie apocalypse thoughts assailing from all directions wants me to believe.

I don’t have enough time.

I’m not good enough.

I should’ve done that.

I shouldn’t have done this.

Each stinger lands on a fertile habit structure totally ready to believe the content.

And then, remembering Nirmala’s prompt to simply move attention to what is already spacious, open, and aware, I have enough distance to feel the entire living day, the whole scintillating tapestry of Life being played out.

My tiny thought swarm is reframed as energy forms.

All my resistance and suffering in the belief of the thoughts is like a pheromone, drawing in more of the same.

Hello little thought-gnats.

I will not waste any more energy swatting at you.

Instead I will become quiet and porous.

Let you fly right into me and I will ingest your energies and become stronger.

I allow all the drama you bring to feed my stillness.

I claim my sovereignty over my attention.

I bow to the Great Mystery that opens me in wonder.

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