Depleted and Recharging

It’s natural in any progression toward a powerful goal to feel depleted.

We can choose to take a rest and recharge, or pause to tease out the opportunity buried in the exhaustion.

Right now at 4:30 am here in the dark, I’m choosing to inquire my way through feeling depleted and see if I can elevate my state to inspiration.

I notice my breath is super shallow so right away I can lengthen my exhales to scoop out the stagnant energy, and I expand the inhales to brighten my inner body.

I feel a noticeable difference.

From my tailbone through to my feet I extend down into the earth underneath my chair and feel the Earth.

I ask for a connection that will link me into the natural world outside.

I feel awareness expand to the larger context of this living moment and the beautiful thunder and rain outside.

I imagine I can feel all the other people all over the planet, taking time right now to connect to the Matrix of healing and elevating the energetic field around them.

I place my hands on my heart as an invocation:

Help me open to the power of aligning with healing for this whole world;

Purify me of all obstacles to the recognition of Love.

Empower me to serve the Awakening to our True Being.

I stand up and face the 4 directions in an offering of service to the day and asking for guidance,

And pause to align my presence with today’s invitation to reconnect with the Source of inspiration and offering.

I offer gratitude for the recognition and ability to choose my and the response that met me in Presence.

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