“Loving your own being; full accepting yourself; accepting what Life wants to do through you; releasing your ambition to transform yourself into someone or something else, some imagined ideal; and, at the same time, fully allowing and making space for your natural process of transformation to unfold—this is the heart of the spiritual life.

“Be aware that this gentle yet persistent lean into your natural unfolding process is not going to take you somewhere, other than deeper into yourself, or get you something, other than self-awareness. All striving to obtain or acquire—whether we’re talking about spiritual experiences, dramatic realizations, money, or power, it’s all the same—only moves you around on the horizontal plane. There is not paradigm shift. With this gentler Way I’ve been talking about, you are moving in the vertical plane: deepening your sense of the real.

“This is the goal of Tantra: we seek to pierce through and break out of our mental conditioning—like a new butterfly breaks free of the cocoon of its long slumber—and live day by day, even moment to moment, from the deepest place in our being: from Being itself. No words can begin to describe the subtle glory, the beauty, and the quiet joy of living that way. It’s a state in which nothing need be added or subtracted. It’s like you’re gently riding the crest of a wave and can surrender into its flow, and it brings you to anything you need, and bears away what you don’t.”

Christopher D Wallis

The Recognition Sutras: Illuminating a 1,000-Year-Old Spiritual Masterpiece

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