Dark Angel

Trying to be happy and bright all the time isn’t real.

Life is full of highs and lows, dark colors and bright — the whole palette of emotions.

When we exile our shadow without asking her what she would like us to know, we lose the opportunity to receive a gift of insight and empowerment.

And we reinforce the belief that we can’t handle uncomfortable emotions.

Our range of emotional reliance becomes smaller and smaller.

When we are willing to pause, get soft and quiet, and feel the feelings — watch how body and breath are ready to ride the waves — we recognize all the energy we spend in resistance, deflection, and pushing against, are now available to breathe and expand and transmute into trust, integrity, and resilience.

We see that emotions are benign and our capacity to handle Life expands.

Our willingness to meet our shadow with curiosity and even reverence opens us to a whole new landscape of possibilities and miracles.

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