Cracking the Code

Managing thoughts is the master key.

I’m just now getting a peek that most of my attention is spent on believing a thought and then spinning stories around what it all means.

And then acting as if that thought is true.

Hardly ANYTHING the mind says is actually true.

Byron Katie’s work is a great tool for peeling away the story (

When we take the magical pause to actually examine the thought that is running our reactions and ask is it so true that there is no alternative interpretation…we see that uh, no.

Someone else could possibly see it differently.

And then we ask how does that thought make you feel…

I’m now seeing how deep and subtle and hypnotic some thoughts are — so familiar and well-practiced that they are no longer questioned.

And imprisoning.

So I’ve set managing my thoughts as the master intention that will unlock the entire constellation of limiting beliefs and behaviors.

I’m asking for Help from ancestors, guides, spiritual teachings that I may be a demonstration of miracle-mindedness, loving spaciousness, and profound gratitude.

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