Contract and Release

It’s a pulsation.

Inhale. Exhale.

Dark. Light.

Good. Bad.

The whole spectrum of human experience — waves and pulsations.

The beating of the heart.

The BIG dreams.

The small beliefs that seem to thwart them.

And yet in stillness and surrender we find the infinite spaciousness that contains all the super novas and black holes of thinking and feeling that we experience every day.

In my Big Dream journey, layer after layer of unexamined limiting beliefs are driving my expectation and actions.

I didn’t even realize that what I thought was a clean intention, was actually colored by an underlying belief in struggle until it was pointed out in a powerful coaching session.

Once that came to light, I then started working on getting rid of that belief.

Which felt like more contraction.

Then I was reminded by Grace that I can give it ALL space; I can feel it all and notice I am bigger than that. My dream is bigger than that.

In the spaciousness of giving space/willingness to everything that arises, I get bigger. My dream gets bigger.

We are all so my bigger and brighter than we allow ourselves to feel under all the domestication and taming of our wild free hearts.

Let’s get BIG together and rock this life with powerful intention, love and FUN.

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