The spiritual teachings talk about being One.

When we awaken from the dream of separation, we will recognize there was only One consciousness.

I’ve been struggling with that for upwards of 40 years.

I experience a separate body, a separate mind.

And a deep longing to Connect.

To feel safe, wanted, included and loved.

And there are layers of habituated protection that keep me from looking deep into the face of another.

That hold my tongue from speaking words of vulnerability and desire to connect.

That compel me think and say judgmental things which I later regret.

So I sit here and get quiet and feel into the longing to be connected.

I notice the first inclination to receive connection which feels pretty vacant alone here before sunrise.

And then I offer connection.

To the beautiful land around me; the trees, the lake, the earth right under my feet.

That feels much more expansive and charged.

I imagine all the people all over the world right now in their places and practices of devotion and connection; offering themselves to this living day.

That feels so much sweeter and more expansive.

I offer myself to you, the reader. Feeling forward in time when these words land in your heart.

We are connected and I believe our connection ripples out as a blessing to all beings.

May this little offering support the re-membering of our Oneness in hearts all across the world.


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