I need to migrate my email through a new system for work and my brain is freaking out.

I caught the habit of panic and freeze when the software wouldn’t authenticate, and the automatic conclusion that it’s not going to work.

Can’t do it.

Freak out.

The colleague spearheading this initiative has the “we’ll figure it out” response, so I thought I would try that on.

It’s like a makeover — new clothes, new do, new shiny confidence.

When I watch my toddler granddaughter with a new task, there’s no stress. She just keeps trying and asks for help when she wants it.

And I notice my tendency to rip it out of her hand and do it for her so she won’t get frustrated.

Instead she’s learning to try and fail again and again without the frenzy of freaking out and quitting.

Every day seems to offer these opportunities to notice habits of reaction and after all these years, I now have a little wiggle room to check if they are working for me and trying on something new.

I love the “we’ll figure it out” and I know I’ll get tons more opportunities to practice it until it becomes the default.

Just like migrating to new software.

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