Confirmation bias

We see what we believe.

Our brains filter for evidence to support our beliefs and most of our core beliefs run deep underground driving our words and actions.

And our lives mirror the programs we’re running.

I keep bumping up against a deeply rooted scarcity mindset even though I have an incredibly abundant life.

Why am I so anxious…Oh, I’m running the script “not enough time”.

Why am I disappointed? There’s the belief that I haven’t done enough; haven’t done it right; have missed the boat.

These little sparks of awareness can be shifted to evidence of success and growth.

So “not enough time” turns the focus from time, to the thought about it.

There’s the power of choice.

Then it becomes evidence of choice, reframing, and progress.

Try it out for yourself — feel what it’s like when you turn the next thought that seems to confirm your deficiency into evidence of your power of recognition and choice — Grace tapping you on the shoulder and inviting you to feel the power of choosing a new operating system.

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