Updated: Apr 4, 2019

How we are wired to compare ourselves to others and how to reframe it.

It’s wired into us to compare to others.

Back on the savannah it was crucial to know where we stood in the tribal hierarchy. If you were at the top, you got the best food, the best spot in the cave, the best of everything.

And there were always others to challenge us, diminish us, knock us down.

The brain is still invested in assessing where we stand in a vastly expanded culture.

So how can we realign with this tendency in a way that serves us?

First we notice and name it: comparison. This gives it a container; a way of framing “this is not me; this is a habit of thinking.”

Notice the tendency to reject or deny it and how that actually feeds it power.

Then take a pause to feel where it lives in the breath and body.

Let it show its colors, shapes, location.

Breathe into an expanded presence. This lets us know we have the power to make a larger context. We are infinite in our essential nature.

What does comparison what for us?

…I want to know I’m worthy. I want to feel my artwork is a true expression of Source. I want to know I am honoring my gifts and talents.

Others are more talented, smarter, more beautiful and kind, but THIS is how Source is choosing to express through me.

I will honor that and relax into it.

I love the bonsai. It’s crooked and craggy and shows all its struggles and triumphs. It is beautiful for its truth.

Comparison is a vestigial habit from a survival-based brain.

Our more evolved brain can notice.

Our body can breathe us into a sweeter alignment.

And we can choose to Remember Source as our true Being.

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